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Predicting Madden 2012 Player Ratings: Rookie WRs

I am posting Madden Ratings for the NFL rookies that I created based on my player and game knowledge. I encourage everyone to comment and share their thoughts so that we can come up with accurate ratings.

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Where 2011 NFL Free Agents Could Sign – Offense

Free Agency is going to happen. When, Who, and How are still to be determined. Here I predict which players will change teams and who will be re-signed.

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NFL Rules Changes 2011

Examining the three rules that the owners unanimous decided to change during their meetings. Launching, Defenseless Player, and Hits to the QB.

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  • RT @DavidPurdum: Super Bowl action report out of @TheMirageLV : "Still all Patriots, from a money standpoint. Tickets are almost even, few … 4 hours ago
  • Trivia Crack is fun, too. =Trivial Pursuit + Words With Friends 4 hours ago
  • Waze is the best app you may not know about. #navigation# 4 hours ago
  • Mexico would make more sense than London for #NFL franchise, but the upside across the pond is enormous... and I'm loving quadruple headers. 8 hours ago
  • They make the city sign a 30 year lease and the taxpayers pay for it. LA still produces huge ratings. So that's y there's been no #NFL in LA 9 hours ago
  • From a Sports Economics perspective, the #NFL does not need a team in LA b/c they use the threat of a team moving there to get new stadiums. 9 hours ago
  • Finally, the questions... #popcornready #lawyering 9 hours ago
  • I really don't want to see the #NFL make extra points more difficult. Bad enough when kickers miss fields for games, now XPs? 9 hours ago
  • Goodell should have a weekly press conference. He has not spoken very much, if at all publicly, this season despite multiple issues #NFL 9 hours ago
  • Bridgewater wins Rookie of the Year. Four straight years of solid film. In a QB league, for so many to pass him up is now officially ridic. 9 hours ago


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