2012 NFL Combine: Saturday Analysis

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9:00am – OL start the NFL Network’s coverage

Bench Press

  • David Molk: 41 reps, Remington award winner.
  • David DeCastro: 36 reps, “Barrel chest” – Mike Mayock
  • Cordy Glenn: 31 reps. Big day…ran well and impressive bench.
  • Matt Kalil: 30 reps [6’6 306] “Solidified position with Vikings.” -Charles Davis
  • Riley Reiff: 23 reps. “Technician. Better than Bulaga. Plays either side.” -Mayock
  • Michael Adams: 19 reps. “Unacceptable” – Saturday and Mayock.

40 yard dash

  • Phillip Blake (Baylor) – smart, powerful center (squats the house). 8-10 year career. OL coach said: tough minded kid who will play for a long time.
  • Michael Brewster (Ohio State) — Saturday: more important to be a leader than win one on one as a center.
    • Brewster 1.76 10 yard, 1.88 was 2011 average.
  • David DeCastro – top interior lineman. Pulls more than any other OL in country. Plug and play from day one.  Technician who killed the on-field stuff, too.
  • Adam Gettis: [4.91 forty, 1.65 10-yard]. Mayock, “Value type player who can start at OG for you in two years.”  Played very high in position drills, footwork needs help.
  • Cordy Glenn: (6’5 345) [4.96 with 1.76 split]. A great time for him. His feet will hold him back from being a LT, borderline first rounder who can play G/RT.

Already 3 players faster than the fastest OL from 2011 NFL Combine.  The athleticism of this class was apparent from the beginning and a solid improvement from last year.  There could be up to 8 OL drafted in the first round.

On-Field Drills: Standouts

  • Jeff Allen – played low, technician in the mirror drill.
  • Quinton Saulsberry – a potential value pick who showed good speed from Mississippi State.
  • Michael Schwartz – didn’t post any great times, but had a solid, wide base doing his slide and a fine kick.  Mayock said all the kid did at Senior Bowl practice was win 1v1.  Future RT, brother of Panthers’ Jeff.

Full Results in a neat table: click here

Tight Ends

With more eyes than ever on this group, they disappointed.

  • Orson Charles: Didn’t run the 40 and then didn’t run full speed in drills, “idled down”.
  • DeWayne Allen: Disappointed with a slow time and sloppy routes, after promising to show he was the #1.
  • Ladarius Green:  Slender, developemental TE showed real well in his speed, routes, and catching. Ran 4.53 40-yard dash and showed explosion out of his cuts.
  • Michael Egnew: Seemingly performed the best out of the top half of the group, but I was turned off by his catching form.  Still, probably doesn’t deserve to be dropped like he is but isn’t your #1 or game-breaker.
  • D. Peterson: Looked great in tights, but drops and sloppy routes not a good thing.

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